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What's Your Label?

beloved charity treasured vessels foundation valentines day

As women, we carry all sorts of 'labels': 


And I could add a hundred more to the list. 

But often we, in our hearts, label ourselves something negative like:



At a time in my life when I was feeling miserable & hopeless, fearful & alone, placing value & identity in all of the wrong things, the Lord showed up in the hugest way. His presence filled me with such comfort as He took me through a journey of these verses that still define me today. 


First he took me to Isaiah...

isaiah 60:19-20 www.fitdarlings.com

Then He took me to the Psalms...

psalm 139:13 www.fitdarlings.com

And finally, months later,  he took me all over the New Testament, where this verse is repeated multiple times. The Father is pleased with the Son. 

mark 1:11 beloved www.fitdarlings.com

Putting all of those together has become my story, my testimony, and the theme of my identity. So much so, that a few years ago I had the word BELOVED tattooed on me to always remind me of these truths that changed the trajectory of my life. I chose a stamp type font, like I was stamped at birth with a label that says BELOVED and there is nothing that can remove that. 


       becca caney fit darlings treasured vessels

I knew that I wanted to feature a Valentine Shirt with this word on it to share my label with you. We have partnered with The Treasured Vessels Foundation that works to rehabilitate & re-home sex traffic victims. Over the next few weeks, Fit Darlings will be sharing unbelievable statistics regarding this growing criminal activity in America. The founder of Treasured Vessels and I have worked together to bring you the Fit Darlings Valentine Tee-- a 'label' that states you are BELOVED. A portion of the proceeds of these shirts will benefit the foundation. 


                        alicia bush treasured vessels foundation


The victims that come out of sex trafficking often carry every negative label: used, abused, dirty, slut, whore, addict, dirty, worthless, trashy...

Our hope with this campaign is to raise awareness and replace negative labels with the only one that truly matters. BELOVED. Like a stamp on your heart, placed on you when you were knitted in your mother's womb. 

And He is pleased, girls. So pleased. 

You may be alone and feel like you carry a laundry list of negative labels, but your Creator, who IS your light by day, loves you, and calls you His. 

Fit Darlings with Treasured Vessels Becca Caney Alicia Bush


For more info visit:

Treasured Vessels Foundation 

Photo cred:

Zoe D Photography 

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