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Double digits... say what???

Birthday blogs have gone unwritten for a couple of years now. I've decided it's time to bring them back! 

My sweet ginger bear Linc!!!
Oh my sweet boy. Where do I even start? I was looking through pictures of you from the years to gather my thoughts on what to say.  I remember the day you were born. You laid there with that maroon hair and tiny fingers delicately interlaced. I should have known at that point that you would forever be an old soul trapped in a little body.                  

From day one, you have kept me on my toes and challenged me to figure out how to 'see you' and love you well. And that's okay. I have always said that God uses each one of you boys to sanctify me differently. You are fearless, passionate, and confident. You are different from everyone else in the room and that never holds you back from being YOU. You have known who you are from an early age. 


I've watched you grow more this year than any other year. You have really come out of your shell with friends and peers. When I watch you in a crowd, everyone wants to be near you and hear what you have to say. You've challenged yourself in sports this year. Few things make me happier than watching you play your sports whether it's wrestling up or running down the soccer field. You play with intensity and commitment. There's a little fire inside your belly that keeps you fighting until the end. 


It is truly a treasure to be your mom. I am proud of you every single day. You create a steadiness and constant that keeps me grounded. 




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